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Get our informative Quick Flip ebook and quickly get up to speed on how to find and analyze deals, create and negotiate a contract, and find buyers and GET PAID!

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My background is in fitness and health, but I've always known that no matter what I was doing, I wanted to have real estate be my foundational income. Over the years I've attended countless seminars and workshops in the hopes of at least learning the first steps to take toward getting started. But I was never able to fully pursue the education because I was unable to pay the large investment that was needed to get started, and for that reason real estate investing remained just a far-off dream in my mind.

I came across Tim and Lee Hall just when I had convinced myself that getting into the real estate business was going to happen much later than sooner. With just a $20 investment in the Flipping Simple educational app, I was able to literally start from scratch — going from knowing nothing to becoming an experienced investor step by step.

What really gave me an edge, along with the app, was signing up for the Flipping Simple coaching sessions. Tim and Lee's coaching is amazing! They are really knowledgeable and believe in what they're doing.

Thanks to both the affordability of the app and my membership in their coaching program (they were always available and "on call" when I had a question!), I've been contacted by a number of eager sellers and am in the process of negotiating a deal to get a property under contract. I'm excited about what's to come!

Yashika Cherry

Fitness Trainer, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker

The app

Get the Quick Flip Ebook Now!

8 simple, comprehensive steps to successful wholesaling…

  • Have deals coming to you…
  • Get clients under contract…
  • Make money!

Quick Flips...

Here are some of the Quick Flips we have done over the last 3 years. Remember we didn't do any repairs to these properties. We also didn't use any cash or credit to make these deals happen. Super simple... Super quick!

On Quick Flips:
  • NO Money of your own
  • NO Credit of your own
  • NO Repairs

A Recent Flip...

This was a 3-bedroom, 2-bath that we purchased via auction. It had never been updated and everything was from the 70's. The design was funky and closed off so we opened it up and allowed the kitchen to be seen right when you walked into the front door and also right from the large living room.

It felt much bigger and the flow worked better when we were done. We also updated the entire kitchen, enlarged it and added a bar.

We added some beautiful hard wood to the front room and dining area to break up all the tile that was there before.  Painted inside and out and added new landscaping.

We also put a new roof on it. We usually do this to give the new owner peace of mind!

Numbers on this one:
  • $81,000 Purchase Price
  • $49,000 Repairs
  • $175,000 Sold Price
The app

Get the Quick Flip Ebook Now!

8 simple, comprehensive steps to successful wholesaling…

  • Have deals coming to you…
  • Get clients under contract…
  • Make money!